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bnuuy wiggle


I have no idea who that fella is...
But he sure got dat fat-ass blunt. That's all that matters.

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This game is fun as hell. Something like a mix of space invaders and rogue-like games. The mechanics are simple but create complex situations and that makes every level feel like completely unique and replayable. I like how balanced the power-ups system is, and the fact that your ship loses its collected weapon after each death makes you use different tactics. I like the variety of enemies, each one requires its own strategy to kill 'em. And the co-op adds even more potential into this game! The music is also perfect and nostalgic, the visuals fit well and doesn't distract you at all.
I can totally say that this game is designed well, I'd definitely recommend everyone to play it. For better experience, play with your friend!
I wish all the best to the developers and I hope this game will get recognition it deserves.

Stepford responds:

Thanks so much for all the kind words!

man. That hits deep. Jabun's music made this experience only better.

The game of my childhood.
Thanks to newgrounds for keeping this masterpiece here.

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wait wtf weezer made this song?? god damn

bro these beats are boppin'
fuckin great stuff

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you man! I definitely would like to make more like this

sans be like
i'm in a song

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some folks assume that Reggie should've been considered as "Incubus" just cuz he's a boy, but the point is that Incubus are just male forms of demons that target women only. Reggie is obviously leaning towards men most of the time, so they're technically succubi.

better yet, those terms were created in the time where homosexuality would be considered as a heresy or other bullcrap like that. So it's simply absurd to keep those terms bounded to the gender as of now.

I am so hyped after this. This is gonna be my favourite character if the actual game will drop XD

MicroBihon responds:

Im a Piconjo/Il-ho main
try me bruv XDDDD

rip and tear until it's done


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